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Maps of Bath

Bath City Centre Street Map and Guide
Published by Mushroom Publishing
ISBN 1-84319-265-9;  Date April 2004;  Price 90p.
The most comprehensive and detailed map of Bath, covering the area of most interest to the visitor. Packed with information.
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Bristol and Bath Explorer Map (Number 155)
Published by Ordnance Survey
ISBN 0-319-21764-7;  Price �5.25.
The best map for touring and walking in the Bath area.
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Books about Bath

Bath: an Architectural Guide by Thom Gorst
Paperback; 312 pages; 31 December, 1997; Ellipsis London Ltd; ISBN 1899858288; £8.00.
A lovely book with beautiful colour photographs of the sights of Bath.
Buy it from:

Bath at War by Jonathon Falconer and David Falconer
Published by Alan Sutton
ISBN 0750919957  List Price �9.99  126 pages.
A fascinating account of Bath during the Second World War, packed with contemporary photographs, many showing Bath after the Bath Blitz.
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Bath City Guide by Richard Bailey

Paperback; 32 pages; March 1994; Jarrold Publishing; ISBN 0711706700; £2.50.
A useful visitor guide giving a potted history of the sights of Bath. Colour photographs.
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Bath City Guide: French Version by Richard Bailey

Paperback; 32 pages; March 1994; Jarrold Publishing; ISBN 0711706840; £2.50.
A French language version of the above book.
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Exploring Bath by Keith Dallimore
Paperback; 48 pages; Rev Ed 25 August, 2000; Millstream Books; ISBN 0948975571; £4.50
Buy it from:

Fifty Festivals by Tim Bullamore     More Info
Published by Mushroom Publishing
ISBN 1-899142-29-0  Price �6.99  224 pages
The fascinating story of the Bath International Music Festival.
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Francis Frith's Around Bath by Francis Frith (Photographer)
Hardcover; 96 pages; February 2000; The Frith Book Company Ltd; ISBN 1859370977; £12.99
This evocative collection of archive photographs from the world famous Francis Frith Collection shows Bath from mid-Victorian times, and depicts the considerable changes it has undergone during the twentieth century. It includes a voucher for a free mounted print of any view in the book.
Buy it from: or Francis Frith Collection

The Image of Georgian Bath 1700-2000 by Peter Borsay
Hardcover; 450 pages; 30 November, 2000; Oxford University Press Inc, USA; ISBN 0198202652; £55.00
This interdisciplinary study explores the evolution, structure, and uses of the image of Georgian Bath, from its genesis in the 18th century to its renaissance in the 20th century.
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The Royal Crescent Book of Bath by James Crathorne
Hardcover; 160 pages; September 1998; Collins & Brown; ISBN 1855854988; £21.25
Photographic tribute to the uniqueness of Bath, describing both the colourful characters of its past and the unsurpassed collection of buildings they lived in. Crathorne traces its history from Celtic times to its heyday as the masterpiece of the Georgian era.
Buy it from:

The Unusual Guide to Bath by John C Chadwick
Paperback; April 1991; Clarke (Nigel J) Publications; ISBN 090768338X; £1.95.
This is a great little guide book to the bits of Bath (and the bits of the major attractions) that are usually ignored or missed. Line drawings.
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Fiction Set in Bath

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen
Paperback; 288 pages; 1995; Penguin Books; ISBN 0140434135; £3.50.

Portraying social life in fashionable Bath and centred around Catherine Morland, this novel ridicules the popular tales of romance and terror and contrasts these with the normal realities of life. This is a great read.
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Persuasion by Jane Austen
Paperback; 272 pages; 1998; Penguin Books; ISBN 0140434674; £3.50
Seven years after she allowed herself to be persuaded by her friend Lady Russell to forgo the attachment, Anne Elliot encounters Captain Wentworth again. Set in Bath and its environs, Jane Austen's last completed novel unravels their long estrangement.
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The Waters of Sul by Moyra Caldecott    More Info
Published by Bladud Books
ISBN 1-899142-27-4  Price �6.99  288 pages.
An excellent and enjoyable novel set in Roman Bath (then called Aquae Sulis).
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The Bath Detective by Christopher Lee
Published by Gollancz
ISBN 0575601795 List Price �5.99 360pp.
A well-received crime novel set in modern-day Bath.
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For further information about Bath, including a free visitor pack, please contact the Bath Tourist Information Centre.


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